Buckle GaloshesWhen people search for buckle galoshes, generally they are looking for rain boots with buckles similar to the boot shown rather than traditional overshoes.

Technically, rain boots are not ‘galoshes for women‘, but the two terms have been used interchangeably these days.

Galoshes are not boots at all, but more unlined, over-sized rubber covers that slip OVER regular shoes to keep them out of the rain or mud!

Can you picture buckles on a pair of rubber slip over covers? Not so much. So, we are going to introduce you to the only buckle galoshes we know of.

Indeed, these ‘buckle galoshes’ are actually the very popular rain boots made by Chooka. Interested?

The Chooka rainboot (this style) comes in both a solid and a herringbone pattern. However, both boots feature buckles (the buckles vary between gold and pewter) at that top of the boot.

So, what do reviewers say about the Chooka buckle galoshes?

The boots feel like they are a quality product, a bit on the heavy side but worth it!

Most people could walk around town with no discomfort, even though the boot did feel a little on the heavy side to some.

The primary complaint was that the boot could actually run a little large around the ankles. But for most, they fit well and kept feet warm and dry.

Many people felt the herringbone style added a new level of class above and beyond the solid rubber, plain buckle galoshes shown at the top of the page.

Buckle Galoshes, More Than Just Rain Boots With Buckles!

If you do happen to be one of the old school over shoe types, looking for a ‘real’ pair of buckle galoshes, try LaCrosse slip overs on for size!

You might notice that some LaCrosse boots are not ‘rain boots’ as the first two boots above are. They are actually what many would classify more appropriately as ‘buckle galoshes’ for sure.