Fashion Galoshes Including Kate SpadeFashion galoshes are take traditional rain boots to new levels! 

Long gone are the old familiar farmer boots.  You know, the black rubber over shoe, the floppy tire parts worn over your regular shoes to keep them dry on a rainy, sloppy day.

Okay, they are not completely lurking in the shadows.  In fact, you can find them alive and well online today.  They still server the same purpose too, just check out our page on Tingley galoshes for the old school style cover up.

However, today’s fashion galoshes aren’t really ‘galoshes overshoes‘ at all.  They are more what some might call ‘rubber boots’ or ‘rain boots‘.

These are not your mother’s galoshes.  They are trendy, hip, fashionable and eye catching for those skipping through puddles these days.

Fashion galoshes have also caught the interest of some of the most popular designers in the fashion industry today including Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and Stuart Weitzman rain boots.

So, what is SO fashionable about rubber boots anyway?  You know, how do you make the old yellow rain kickers popular?  As it turns out, it’s a very accessible and creative process for today’s fashion icons.

Short, medium, tall, black, red, green, solid, patterned, accessorized with buckles, shoe strings, plates and fabrics of every kind, fashion galoshes are definitely a hit among those who might make a statement on a rainy day.

What are the most popular fashion galoshes today?

Let’s take a look at a few.

First, Kate Spade makes some fun, fashionable rain boots from rounded to pointed toe with cute patterns, ribbons and strings. You can check some of those out on Amazon.

We also mentioned Marc By Marc Jacobs. Talk about pushing the limits on fun and creative fashion galoshes, check these out on Amazon as well.

If you are looking for more of the ‘traditional‘ slip over pair of galoshes rather than the colorful high calf rain boots so popular today, check out the LOEFFLER RANDALL collection for a sleek twist on slip over fashion galoshes on Endless.

No matter what you are looking for, rain boots or slip over galoshes, today’s marketplace is stuffed with options. The toughest job you’ll have is just choosing your favorite fashion galoshes!