How To Buy GaloshesYou want to buy galoshes online or off, and odds are, you’ve been looking for them for some time now.

Why?  Because they don’t  just come in yellow or black or green these days.  In fact, many people can’t even agree on what it means to buy galoshes for women!

Just look at the screenshot of the ad to the left….many people would argue that there are two ads for rain boots here and only one for galoshes (even though the search term was for ‘buy galoshes’.)

So, you are looking for something that either A) covers your normal dress shoe when it’s wet (rain, snow, mud, etc, see Wiki definition for these guys!) or B) comes in lots of great styles and colors.   So, are you going to buy galoshes here or buy rain boots?

The first definition of galoshes above is the traditional one, the galoshes overshoes.  What I mean by that is that in today’s online marketplace some people really do think of a large pair of rubber slip overs that slide over the shoe when they go to ‘buy galoshes’.  Others think of something entirely different.

That is, when people want to buy galoshes today, many are looking for rain boots.  Rain boots are not strictly utilitarian these days, they are an accessory to be shopped and picked over in all kinds of shapes, colors and patterns.

However, if you are in camp A and you know you are, there is no better pair of ‘traditionals’ than a pair of tingley galoshes.  I won’t get into those now, but for more on WHY, just follow the link to read about them in another post.  If you really want to buy galoshes in this old school style, just grab yourself a pair of Tigleys!

Right now, I want to focus on rain boots specifically.  If Tingley galoshes are the old school way to go, then today’s rain boots are almost pure design.

Want to buy galoshes, or designer rain boots?

Indeed, most of the big designers are in the rain boot game and for good reason.

Buy Galoshes By Kate Spade

Kate Spade, ever heard of her?  Handbags, iphone cases, you name it, but now rain boots?  Well, galoshes must be the perfect outlet for creative minds….a blank canvas for the feet.

Maybe it’s the size of the shoes (the canvas) the designers have to work with, but the colors keep coming!  The patterns, accessories, you name it.  There is no better time than now to buy galoshes online to make a rainy day statement.

One of the best places we know of to buy galoshes (or rain boots if you must) is on Amazon.  Check out Kate Spade rain boots out today!

We’ve bought everything from watches to running shoes to belts to sun glasses and their service has been flawless.  There is no better online destination to buy galoshes for sure.

Happy shopping and good luck finding the perfect place to buy galoshes!