Pink GaloshesLet’s be clear.  There are galoshes, and there are rain boots.  If you are really looking for pink ‘galoshes’ then good luck finding them.

See, as I’ve stated on this site plenty of times before, galoshes definitely have their place in the rain, but they are not exactly designer statements (even the pink galoshes which are by old school standards little more than rubber overshoes).

In case you are unclear about exactly what galoshes are by the traditional definition, let me help.

Picture a person standing in the pouring rain….maybe covered in a nice rain coat, but definitely well dressed.

Suddenly, you look down, and notice what looks like large, black pieces of rubber wrapped around the feet.  What?  Those are galoshes in the ‘traditional’ sense.  You can still find them of course, but think black rubber tire, utilitarian, yuck.

Pink galoshes, pink rain boots, What’s the difference?

Pink galoshes on the other hand are really what most people refer to these days as pink ‘rain boots’.  To be sure, ‘rain boots’ are quite a different story.  They are the designers playground, the rubber boots that run almost knee high in bright colors, whimsical designs and outrageous patterns.

There are laces, buckles, fabrics, all meant to dance in the rain.  Some of these rain boots even sport fur, though I doubt you’ll find a real pair of ‘pink galoshes’ with fur on them….at least, not that I’ve seen!

When most people think of pink galoshes (rain boots), the idea might come to mind of the smaller variety, pink boots for little girls.  True enough, there are plenty in this category:  Pink Galoshes For Girls

However, if you are looking for Pink Galoshes For Women, you are in for a treat.  Some of the biggest names in pink rain boots have jumped in the mix like Kamik, Tretorn, and Sorel, all offering pink galoshes (rain boots).

Of the brands I’ve mentioned, I’d have to say that Kamik has the most variety with their line of pink galoshes.  However, take a look at a wide range of pink galoshes on Amazon to see if Kamik catches your eye as well.

My Favorite Pink Galoshes

As I think about some of the top pink galoshes I’ve seen online, I’ve noticed something while shopping for them.  Over and over, many online stores ‘say’ they have rain boots in pink, but clicking through to purchase from a shopping comparison site like Google or Nextag is a disappointment.   In fact, once I click through I see a few colors, but not pink more often than not!

So, I’m going to take a look at a few brands IN PINK that I know are online and ready to go, at least at the time of this writing.

Pink Galoshes From Kamik

Kamik offers a whole ‘mess’ of pink rain boots on Amazon.  By comparison, most of the other brands like Crocs and Tretorn have one, maybe two selections.  I’m not suggesting that this is all they make, but Kamik certainly has the most variety on this site.

Take a look below, I’ve pulled all the pink selections together so you can see which ones are offered.  As you can see….LOTS of patterns, even a solid ‘dark’ pink rain boot.  In fact, the feature pink rain boot shown at the top of this page is a Kamik that you’ll see in the line up below!  Just click the image below to go to the pink selections on Endless….you’ll see all these guys and more.

Pink Rain Boots By Kamik

Pink Galoshes From Crocs

I have to throw this one in because we wrote about the Jaunt boot in July….it was the best selling rain boot on Amazon AND I see they have them in pink!

Pink Galoshes By CrocsIf you are looking for a lightweight, functional pair of pink galoshes without all the crazy patterns (that would be a pair of solids), Crocs offers a much more girly pair than the dark solids offered by Kamik and shown above.

In fact, these define the ‘cute in pink’ in the rain boot world.  They are very popular and very highly rated on Amazon.

By the way, might not bother with Zappos on these guys….at the time of this writing they didn’t have them in pink.  On top of that, they only had three of the many colors period!

Click on over to Amazon for a pair of these pink galoshes in most every size and up to 6 different colors if you something else jumps out.