Swims GaloshesSwims galoshes are for men.  Yes, we know this is a website that focuses on galoshes for women.

However, we know a lot of ladies who also shop for their men.

And, this IS a site that focuses on galoshes so we are going to explore a bit further than ladies rain boots with this write up.

First off, what are Swims galoshes?  Basically, they are the answer to the old, ugly, black grandpa galoshes that men find themselves sliding over their dress shoes to keep them dry on a rainy day.

They are the answer, because the founder of Swims galoshes decided that after months of being made fun of on the streets of Paris (wearing HIS old black galoshes), he would do something about it.

In fact, he would eventually develop a stylish solution, a practical answer to modern galoshes for men.  Though the founder of Swims galoshes grew up in Norway, he actually suffered through several winters in Manhattan while wrapping up the final product.

Well worth the wait, Swims galoshes is the final product of functional design and an “odd fascination with big city rain.”

Third Party Validation For SWIMS Galoshes

So, what’s the verdict on these sleek rubber overshoes?  Apparently, askmen.com had lots to say on the matter and rated Swims galoshes an overall 9/10.  Not bad, considering on their own galoshes are not something you would pick out as a fashion-forward accessory.

Where was the boost for the overall score?  The galoshes scored a perfect 10/10 on the ‘practicality factor’.  Maybe this isn’t the most exiting factor of the factors measured, but it is indeed perfection.  Made of durable and comfortable rubber, the SWIMS Modern Galosh is a great addition to any city slicker’s wardrobe. Why risk your patent leathers in the rain when you can easily slip on a pair of galoshes to keep your feet and footwear dry and clean?

What were some of the other factors?  Well, they dropped a 9/10 for longevity, a 7/10 for trend, and an 8/10 overall WOW factor.  So, “wow”, not bad for the new kid on the block.