Yellow Galoshes OnlineCanary yellow galoshes, could there be anything better to light up a rainy day?  Whether solid or patterned, smooth or laced, tall or short, yellow galoshes have always captured the imagination.

Maybe because the color itself has so much history?  Here are a few fun facts on the color yellow.

The legendary first emperor of China was known as the Yellow Emperor. The word yellow can be used as an adjective meaning cowardly. And….uhhh.

Okay, maybe that’s enough.  Let’s just say that you have been searching for yellow galoshes so we shouldn’t have to convince you that it’s perfect for your rain boots.

What we do want to point out is that there are yellow galoshes, and that there are popular yellow galoshes.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular brands.

Yellow Galoshes By Kamik

First (and this one seems to pop up quite a bit on this site), there is the Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot(Kamik Yellow Heidi Rain Boot).  The Heidi features vinyl-covered canvas in a sleek shape to brighten your day when the rain and gloom roll in.

The boot, though available in multiple colors, presents itself in a unique shine when worn in yellow.  It’s got a slightly shorter shaft than traditional rain boots, which lots of folks seem to love.  One reviewer stated that the boot looked ‘sturdy’ without looking ‘manish’.  Take a look for yourself, but we love it.

We also love the Chooka Women’s Posh Dots Rain Boot (Posh Dots Yellow Rain Boot).  If you want something a little less plain Jane than solid, go with the poppy look of white polka dots on this bright yellow rain boot.

One of the best features on this boot is the buckle strap at the top.  If you’ve got large calves ladies, this might be the perfect pair of yellow galoshes for you!  By the way, you can check out other popular yellow rain boots here.