Yellow Rain BootsYellow rain boots have never been more stylish than they are today. How about a classic pair of tall, comfortable, bright yellow rubber boots that are NOT made in China?

Consider the following. These yellow rain boots are made in France, and they are tall, sleek and sexy. Let’s take a look at the Vierzon woman’s boot by Le Chameau.

Comfortable, tall, these yellow rain boots are slim enough that you can wear them with just socks if your legs are bare, but also easy enough to tuck a pair of flare-legged jeans in.

So, just how tall are the Vierzon rain boots?  Try fifteen and a half inches from the arch.  You WILL make a statement with these bright yellow knee high rubbers, there is just too much boot and too much yellow to hide!

Better yet, got big calves?  This could be the perfect boot for you as well.  Just look at the buckle release on the top of the Vierzon and you’ll understand why they are forgiving those with extra muscle or size in the calf area.

Why Yellow Rain Boots By Le Chameau?

Le Chameau Rain BootsThe answer is, in short, Le Chameau is the maker of the world’s finest rubber boots since 1927.  And, this boot in Yellow just rocks.

Often imitated but impossible to replicate, Le Chameau wellington boots boast an 80-year tradition as the footwear of choice among discriminating hunters, fishermen, and those who simply love life in the countryside.

Quality Le Chameau rubber boots are internationally recognized as the most reliable and enlivening outdoor footwear on the world market.

Too Rich For Your Blood?  Let’s look at one more great pair of yellow rain boots.

The Chooka Women’s Posh Dots Rain Boot is indeed, yellow for starters.  However, it’s a bit shorter, and less expensive to be sure.  Also, Chooka galoshes are very popular today.  With the polka dots in white, this boot could be too cute to pass over so check both pairs out today!